About Artist

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Karen H. Salup




As a painting evolves I am composing intuitive images that references lean to nature. There is a vocabulary that I have developed, consisting of visual poetry.

These terms such as markmaking, brushstrokes and gestures where known as idiosyncratic visual poetry by the Abstract Expressionist movement creating gestures that bring to the viewer; Forms, Texture, Color and Light.

My work is very much like a process. I find image secondary to the art making. Although abstract in nature, there is an underlying visual order that gradually seems to emerge. Working intuitively, I enter a realm of the unknown where there is more of a calling than any real choice. I seem to be forever altering and adjusting the core of the painting and some invisible reality that appears.

This self-imposed repetitive process as I build, erase and paint layers becomes a definite chaos through which the work evolves and it seems to return repeatedly to its beginning. With each revival to the surface, there are the mark markings, forms, subtleties and sensitivities that appear in my work.