For three decades, Karen H. Salup has been intriguing audiences across the country with her paintings. A native New Yorker, Karen’s work has been featured in several galleries and exhibits throughout Florida and New York with solo shows at Viridian and Jain Marunouchi Galleries.  A member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA). Women in the Visual Arts (WITVA) and the Palm Beach Water Color Society (PBWS).

Using acrylic, watercolor, and pastels on canvas and paper,  Karen H. Salup creates a world that vibrates with bold colors and bright light paired with brushstrokes that evoke a strong sense of movement and energy.  Her paintings begin with a theme of nature, but invariably evolve into an imaginative creation that invites interpretation from the audience.  Karen’s work is influenced from Impressionism  to Deconstructionism  to Abstract  Expressionism.  

About Artist

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KAREN H. SALUP,  Artist Statement

As with artist of every era, I suppose I’m searching for a kind of underlying unity and order that takes into account the materials on hand, a method, and a fairly clear personal point of view. Form, space, content and especially the qualities of colour and light. As a painting evolves, I find myself making changes which when made, then reveal and suggest other possible directions. Thus, there is an ongoing shift of centers of interest, if not in the basic structure itself. The works vibrate with colour, come alive with brushstrokes, images fight to appear and reference to nature seem apparent. The freshness of the gesture allows the viewer to feel the painting develop as though we were making the decisions to add, subtract, change colours and play with the space.